Saturday, March 31, 2012

Granny Square Dishcloth pattern

You must know the basic stitches of crocheting.  I do not explain how to do them.  This is one of the first videos that I made and my hands do leave the camera view sometimes.  I hope you enjoy it any way and if you have any questions please comment or send me an email to

Granny Square Dishcloth

G or H hook
Ch 5; slst to form a ring

Round 1:  ch3, dblcr,
dblcr, ch3, dblcr, dblcr, dblcr, ch3, dblcr, dblcr, dblcr, ch3, dblcr dblcr,
dblcr, ch 3 (slst to top of ch 3 from beginning)

Round 2:  slst over to
ch 3 opening (about two slst);( ch 3, dblcr, dblcr, ch3, dblcr, dblcr, *all in
ch3 opening), dblcr in next dblcr, dblcr,  *you should now be at the next ch 3 opening;
dblcr, dblcr, ch 3, dblcr, dblcr, *all in ch3 opening;  repeat until you are back to where you
started, ending with a ch3 and slst to top of first ch3 made.

 Basically repeating the above steps over and over again
until the dishcloth is your desired size. 
Each corner will be 2 dblcr, ch3, 2dblcr

The straight sides will be one dblcr in the space of the
previous rounds dblcr.

You can finish it off with a round of sc, ch 5 in one corner
to have a little handle if desired or a shell st around the edges is nice as