Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ladybug Hat

The pattern for this crochet creation will be available soon on Ravelry.  Just search for Virtuous Loops Crochet!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Spider Web Crochet Hat Pattern

Spider Web

Ch 5, join to form a circle

Round 1: Ch 2 (counts as first Dblcr), 11 Dblcr inside circle and join to top of ch 2- total 12 stitches

Round 2:  Ch 5, Dblcr in next st, ch 3 Dblcr in next st (you are chaining 3 between each Dblcr around); join at second ch from beginning of round- 12 St total

Round 3 to finish:  Repeat round 2 except add 4 ch in between each Dblcr

*with each new round you will increase the ch by 1 in between each Dblcr, and each Dblcr is directly above the one below


Ch 5, join to form a circle

Round 1: ch 2 (counts as first Dblcr), 11 Dblcr inside circle, join to top of ch 2- total 12 stitches

Round 2:  ch 2, Dblcr in same st as joining, 2 Dblcr in each st around-total 24 stitches

Round 3:  ch 2, Dblcr in next st and each st around

Fold last row under to make it flat and attach to hat.  This gives the spider some depth.  You could also add
fiber fill.

Legs (make 8):

Ch 9

Row 1:  sc in second ch from hook and each st across- total 8 st

Attach 2 buttons for eyes

Feel free to use this pattern and sell your items.  Please use this blog as a reference anytime it is used.  Thank you :)